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  • Functional Medicine: Hormone Testing
    Functional Medicine: What Is Hormone Testing and Why Is It Needed? Hormone levels change as you age. There are certain hormones that can even change throughout the day. Hormone testing is Read more
  • Active Release technique FAQs
    How Much Do You Know About Active Release Technique? Active Release is a chiropractic technique that remains relatively unknown. If you have tried other techniques and found they have not alleviated Read more
  • Nutritional Counseling FAQ
    Nutritional Counseling FAQ Nutrition plays a key role in fostering a healthy lifestyle, which is why the team behind Nichols Chiropractic & Functional Medicine wants to encourage everyone to eat a Read more
  • Chiropractic Care to Boost Your Immune System
    Chiropractic Care to Boost Your Immune System Why do you usually visit a chiropractor in Manhattan, KS? Often, people think of chiropractic care for help with back or neck pain, or Read more
  • Cold laser therapy
    What is cold laser therapy chiropractic? Cold laser therapy is a low-level laser therapy that is used to repair tissue and gain relief from pain and inflammation. It can treat many Read more
  • Functional Medicine
    Functional Medicine in a Nut Shell By using a combination of history, physical exam findings, and lab work the clinician can identify fundamental factors that are driving the symptoms that your Read more
  • Hormone Re-balancing
    Nichols Chiropractic and Hormone Re-Balancing Services At Nichols Chiropractic, our goal is to provide a wide array to our services in Manhattan KS. By providing a variety of services, we allow Read more
  • Neurofeedback
    An Overview of Neurofeedback from Nichols Chiropractic It is important for everyone to make sure they have access to a well-rounded healthcare plan. At Nichols Chiropractic, we take a lot of Read more
  • Leaky Gut FAQ
    Frequently Asked Questions About Leaky Gut Syndrome from Nichols Chiropractic There are a number of reasons why people might come to visit a trained chiropractor in Manhattan KS. While most people Read more
  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever FAQs
    Spotting Signs of Rocky Mountain Fever Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF) is a serious condition transmitted by the common dog tick (or wood tick) in many parts of the country. Deceptively Read more
  • Low Functioning Thyroid FAQ
    Low Functioning Thyroid FAQ A low functioning thyroid can impact every part of your body, and it often goes undiagnosed creating frustration. Nichols Chiropractic in Manhattan, KS. understands that it's critical Read more
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome FAQ
    FAQs Regarding Irritable Bowel Syndrome from Nichols Chiropractic Chiropractors are often known for treating musculoskeletal issues. These can include headaches, sciatica, back pain, herniated discs, and more. On the other hand, Read more
  • What’s Driving Your Autoimmune Disease?
    Autoimmune diseases like Rheumatoid arthritis, Type 1 diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis can wreak havoc on those who suffer from them and their loved ones. Understanding more about them, the factors Read more
  • Congested sinuses
    Rethinking your chronically congested sinuses:It doesn’t matter what season it is, congested sinuses are no fun. And, if the problem is chronic, it can be downright painful. In functional medicine Read more
  • Hypertension FAQs
    Hypertension FAQs From Your Manhattan KS Chiropractor Are you suffering from hypertension? At Nichols Chiropractic in Manhattan KS, we know hypertension is a scary word. We use our chiropractic expertise to control pain Read more
  • Chronic Infection FAQs
    Chronic Infection FAQs Q- What causes chronic infections? A- There is a range of different things that can cause chronic infections. When people are dealing with chronic infection, it can cause other Read more

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