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  • Proper Ergonomics Working From Home
    Work Ergonomics and Your Posture How your workstation is set up at home has a direct impact on your posture. Poor work ergonomics can lead to neck strain, lower back pain, Read more
  • Chiropractic Care to Boost Your Immune System
    Chiropractic Care to Boost Your Immune System at Nichols Chiropractic Our bodies are self-healing and self-regulating machines that work to support our daily lives. However, strenuous activities, poor diet, and high-stress Read more
  • Spinal Adjustment
    Spinal Adjustments for Back Pain Feeling pain in your back is not normal. Many people settle with the discomfort in their back because they do not want to undergo surgery. However, Read more
  • Functional Medicine FAQs
    Functional medicine is a medicinal practice that works to identify the root cause of illness and disorders in patients for efficient treatment. Functional medicine medical professionals typically use a complete Read more
  • What Is Neurofeedback?
    Understanding Neurofeedback To be productive and reliable in the different aspects of life, for instance, work, family, education, and other social responsibilities, it is critical to be in the right state Read more
  • How Can We Help With Your Hormone Levels?
    Hormones control your body by telling it what and when to do something. They regulate your processes by doing things like managing your metabolism, controlling your moods, setting sleeping schedules, Read more
  • Prenatal Chiropractic Care
    During pregnancy, your hormones are in a state of flux. Certain hormones increase exponentially while others drop to accommodate the changes your body is going through. They can also affect Read more
  • Leaky Gut FAQ
    Leaky gut is a common syndrome that is growing in prominence. Unfortunately, mainstream medical professionals do not recognize this condition as a real issue and do not assist people in Read more
  • Pediatric Chiropractor
    Pediatric Chiropractor Chiropractic care is a practice with a wide range of advantages. Many are not aware that children can benefit from chiropractic care just as much as adults can. At Read more
  • Chiropractic Care to Improve Your Health
    Chiropractic Care to Improve Your Health Supportive chiropractic care is essential in ensuring spinal health and general wellness. At Nichols Chiropractic, we are dedicated to helping patients maintain optimal health through Read more
  • Leaky Gut FAQ
    Leaky Gut FAQ Leaky gut is also referred to as increased intestinal permeability. There is not a lot known about this condition since it is not recognized as a medical diagnosis. What Read more
  • Spinal Adjustment
    What Is a Spinal Adjustment? A spinal adjustment is a procedure where a chiropractor applies force to a spinal joint using their hands or a small instrument. Spinal adjustments help individuals Read more
  • What does a functional medicine doctor do?
    Benefits of Functional Medicine Functional medicine is an approach that does not specifically treat diseases but rather treats the body as an interconnected whole. At Nichols Chiropractic, we believe all patients Read more
  • Functional Medicine: Hormone Testing
    Functional Medicine: What Is Hormone Testing and Why Is It Needed? Hormone levels change as you age. There are certain hormones that can even change throughout the day. Hormone testing is Read more
  • Active Release technique FAQs
    How Much Do You Know About Active Release Technique? Active Release is a chiropractic technique that remains relatively unknown. If you have tried other techniques and found they have not alleviated Read more
  • Nutritional Counseling FAQ
    Nutritional Counseling FAQ Nutrition plays a key role in fostering a healthy lifestyle, which is why the team behind Nichols Chiropractic & Functional Medicine wants to encourage everyone to eat a Read more

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