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Treating Chronic Pain & Discomfort Using Chiropractic Care

Manhattan Headache ReliefA headache has a way of slowing down your day, but recurring headaches and migraines can be disruptive to your life. Here at Nichols Chiropractic, we believe everyone has a right to a pain-free life. It is our goal to help our patients overcome recurring headaches using techniques that work not only for pain management, but to alleviate the source of the headaches altogether.

When you visit our office, our consultation starts by attempting to identify the cause of your headaches. There are several things that may trigger headaches or migraines, although there is no specific known reason why some individuals are more prone to them than others. Examples of common headaches triggers include stress, poor sleeping habits, diet, allergies, and other environmental triggers, such as perfumes.

Chronic headaches and migraines are also commonly related to injuries within the musculoskeletal system, but particularly in the neck, back and shoulders. For example, a car accident injury or sports injury may first manifest as joint, back or neck pain. However, left untreated, these types of injuries can progress, causing additional symptoms, including chronic or recurring headaches.

How a Manhattan Chiropractor Can Help Pain Management

Here at our Manhattan office, each chiropractor on our staff is trained and experienced in treating headaches and the conditions that cause them. If you suffer from an uncorrected car accident injury or sports injury, we can develop a customized treatment plan designed to restore proper alignment to your neck and back, as well as reduce spinal compression and alleviate disc herniation. Our treatments usually involve both hands-on chiropractic care, aswell as advanced technological instrument adjusting and spinal correction.

Though we work diligently to resolve or reduce the frequency of headaches in our patients by addressing the underlying problems, many of our patients are concerned with pain management. That is why we also offer iTracTM Therapy to patients with a history of chronic headache pain. iTracTM Therapy works to reduce both headache and neck pain by restoring the proper posture of the head and neck, thereby reducing stress and tension on the surrounding muscles.

We recognize that some of our patients may experience headaches that are unrelated to injuries or neck posture. That is why we also offer wellness coaching in addition to our rehabilitation and injury correction services. Wellness coaching involves identifying any environmental, lifestyle or dietary triggers that could be activating headaches and migraines.

We may recommend different sleeping positions, exercises or even eliminating certain foods from your diet to identify the source of your headaches. Furthermore, we will likely recommend seeing a chiropractor for regular maintenance adjustments to prevent future injuries and headaches.

If you live in or around the Manhattan, Kansas area and are suffering from ongoing headaches or migraines, contact our office for an appointment. Our natural, non-invasive pain management and treatment techniques are designed to help you live free of headache pain and prevent it from recurring again in the future. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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