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Manhattan, Kansas chiropractor, Nichols Chiropractic, provides a full range of family 

chiropractic services. From chiropractic adjustment for spinal alignment issues to pregnancy and pediatric care, we help Manhattan families and individuals enjoy speedier healing, better physical function and an enhanced quality of life.

Manhattan KS Chiropractic Care for the Whole Family

The human spine performs many critical roles in the body's health and function. This structure must support the body's weight while bending or twisting as needed. At the same time, it must protect the spinal cord, the thick tube of nerve tissue that coordinates all sensations, motor commands and involuntary physical activities, without pressing or pinching any of the spinal cord's major nerve branches. Unfortunately, chronic degenerative diseases, sports injuries, auto accident injuries, and even every day wear and tear can throw the vertebrae out of alignment, which not only causes pain and numbness but also impairs reproductive health, immune response, organ function and many other critical processes. Chiropractic adjustment at our Manhattan clinic is a safe, non-surgical way to restore the spine's proper alignment, allowing our patients to enjoy drug-free pain relief and better overall wellness.

In addition to traditional chiropractic adjustment, our family chiropractic center offers many other natural techniques and therapies for Manhattan pain sufferers. ART (Active Release Therapy) is one such technique. This advanced technique involves the use of hundreds of tiny, specific moves to diagnose and correct soft tissue and nerve problems, including the buildup of scar tissue known as adhesions. We also use iTrac Therapy to correct issues related to the cervical spine, such as TMJ or chronic headaches.

Family Chiropractic Care for All Ages

As a Manhattan family chiropractic clinic, we offer natural health services for people at all phases of life -- even before birth. Pregnant women not only experience considerable discomfort as their body weight shifts over nine months, but they may also face the possibility of a breech birth if the baby cannot achieve the right position in the womb for normal delivery. Nichols Chiropractic provides prenatal massage to help women cope with the aches, pains, muscle strain and joint swelling that typically accompanies pregnancy. We also offer a form of adjustment known as the Webster Technique, which helps ensure that the pelvic alignment allows the baby to turn in the womb during that critical period in the third trimester. Our pediatric chiropractor can help Manhattan children of all ages, including newborns, experience better health and avoid many common childhood ailments through periodic spinal adjustment and other natural healing and wellness techniques. We encourage Manhattan residents to contact Nichols Chiropractic for more information on the family chiropractic services we provide, from our pediatric chiropractor to injury recovery.

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