Auto Immune Disorders

Auto Immune Disorders - What You Need to Know About Them From Our Manhattan, KS Chiropractor

Not too much information is available about auto immune disorders, except it can affect anyone at any time. Research shows that more than 80 types of the disease exist in the United States, but little attention is given to the disease, due to other life-threatening diseases. At Nichols Chiropractic, we take autoimmune disease seriously and we work to bring the body back into full harmony. Although, the exact cause of an autoimmune disease is not known, the disease as a direct correlation to other diseases such as:

man experiencing auto immune disorder

  • Chronic asthma
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Good posture syndrome
  • Wegener’s granulomatosis

Early Signs of An Autoimmune Disease

Most illnesses are ignored due to their mild symptoms. However, because an autoimmune disease can affect the organs in the body, it is important to understand the severity of the disease and recognize any the most common symptoms. For example, staying tired frequently, could be unintentionally linked to overworking, tiredness or getting over a cold. Realistically, this could be the first early sign of an autoimmune problem that needs to be addressed. The most common and misdiagnosed symptoms include:

  • Excessive prolonged tiredness
  • Flu like symptoms
  • Stiffness in the joints and muscle extremities
  • Chronic respiratory tract issues
  • Constant Urinary tract infection

How Our Chiropractor in Manhattan Diagnose and Treat an Auto Immune Disorder

We perform realignments of the spine so that the central nervous system and immune system can function more efficiently. We help to alleviate and remove pain and stiffness that are associated with auto immune disease. Through manual manipulation and individualized care, we can help facilitate the healing process. We work with patients on diet plans and auto immune medication to ensure they are getting the best treatment. As with any illness that attacks the joints and muscles, diet and exercise are recommended interventions.

What Parts of the Body Do Auto Immune Disorders Affect?

Sadly, auto immune disorders can affect vital organs in the body like the kidneys and lungs. The disease can be life-threatening if treatment is not received or the disease goes undetected until much later in life. Since this disease affects the body’s immune system from harmful bacteria, it often tricks the body’s immune system in attacking itself. This leaves the body unprotected from a real invasion like foreign substances and infections.

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