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Weight Loss

Weight loss may not seem like it's the main focus of a chiropractors' care but at Nichols Chiropractic in Manhattan, KS, we can provide weight loss care on top of our other treatments. In addition to diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal issues, our professional chiropractor team offers a holistic approach that includes providing nutritional information that supports your efforts to lose weight. The tips and tricks you pick up from our chiropractor team can help you get rid of excess weight for good. 


Nutrition Education and Support for Weight Loss

A lot of things can go wrong when it comes to choosing the food to eat and that translates to added weight on the body. Choosing large quantities of the wrong types of food, like too many foods high in seed oils, can pack pounds onto your frame. Highly processed foods are likely to include these seed oils, which can have a number of detrimental effects on the body. When you meet with our skilled, caring staff, you gain access to a bundle of information about types of food to help you learn more about eating foods and taking dietary supplements that contain the nutrients you may need to maintain your health. 

Pain Management for Losing Weight

Pain management is another way we can help when it comes to reducing body weight, as part of a holistic approach. When you have pain, like back pain or neck pain, it can make it harder for you to be active. Pain and reduced mobility can lead to inactivity and then inactivity can lead to weight gain. Treatment like chiropractic adjustments can help make it easier to proceed with the kind of activities that can help you drop pounds. 

Functional Medicine for Reducing Body Weight

Functional medicine is a holistic approach to care that encompasses multiple aspects of your condition, rather than just pinpointing one thing to treat. Excess body weight is just one of many health issues relieved by this type of care. Chiropractic care might begin with a thorough review of your medical history and lifestyle to better understand your overall health. Understanding this information and incorporating it into your daily life can help you reduce your body weight. 

Get Nutrition and Weight Loss Advice from a Chiropractor on Our Chiropractic Care Team

Call us at Nichols Chiropractic of Manhattan, KS, today to schedule an appointment. Our holistic approach seeks to support you throughout the process of improving your health and fitness. Making the call can be the first step of your weight reduction journey and we're eager to help. Call us at (785) 537-2211 to get help from a “chiropractor near me.”

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