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Lyme Disease

Treating Lyme Disease With Functional Medicine And Chiropractic Treatment Modalities

Each year approximately 300,000 people are infected with Lyme Disease each year, however, only 30,000 of those cases are reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as there is no consistent method among the states to do so. People who are not familiar with how Lyme Disease affects the body are generally under the assumption that the condition is easily treated, and will generally be expelled from the body with a round of antibiotics. Here at Nichols Chiropractic, our Manhattan KS chiropractic professional is sounding the alarm about Lyme Disease, and how it can affect them in the long term.

Understanding What Lyme Disease Is

Lyme Disease is actually an infection. It is caused by bacteria known to medical professionals as Borrelia burgdorferi. It is transferred to humans via the bite of a four-legged tick. In the majority of cases, Lyme Disease can be cured through the use of oral antibiotics, but our chiropractor warns that there are many cases where people continue to have complications, and experience the symptoms of Lyme disease long after they have undergone treatment for the condition. Unfortunately, many of the symptoms patients complain about like heart conditions, arthritis, palsy, and fatigue are generally evaluated and contributed as a cause of the condition itself, or diagnosed as a condition which identifies with the symptoms the patient presents with. Our chiropractor warns that many cases of Lyme disease are misdiagnosed as some other disorder which puts many patients a risk for further complications as the disease progresses.

We Can Help You Today

Living with constant pain, fatigue and muscle weakness takes a toll of those who experience these types of symptoms because it reduces their quality of life. It should also be noted that these types of symptoms also cause friction with family members and co-workers. If you were diagnosed with Lyme Disease some years back, and you are still experiencing symptoms, we are here to help you through functional medicine and several chiropractic treatment modalities. Our doctor uses spinal adjustments to increase communication between the body and the brain. Spinal adjustments also enhance how the central nervous functions which expedite the healing process and protects the body. Our doctor also helps patients reduce their stiff muscles by teaching them exercises and stretches which target the areas that need relief. In addition, our chiropractor offers nutritional counseling and lifestyle advice.

Learn More About Lyme Disease By Calling Nichols Chiropractic

Here at Nichols Chiropractic, we are dedicated to helping enjoy the best quality of life possible. If you have lingering symptoms from a previous or current case of Lyme Disease, we want to help you find the relief you need. Give us a call at (785) 537-2211 to learn more about how we can help you.

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