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Shoulder Injury

Shoulder Problems? See a Chiropractor in Manhattan, KS

Chiropractors treat far more than the spine. In fact, many people visit for the treatment of shoulder injuries. These injuries are common due to the amount of use the shoulder gets and the complexity of the joint and its associated muscles. In many cases, chiropractic care greatly reduces symptoms of pain and stiffness in the area after an injury.

Man with shoulder pain needs chiropractic care in Manhattan, KS.

How a Chiropractor in Manhattan, KS Solves Shoulder Problems

Since everything in the body is connected to something else, a chiropractor will examine and treat the entire section of the body instead of just the painful part. The shoulder will be examined first, and x-rays and other diagnostic imagery will be taken to find out if there are any defects in the joint itself. Treatment, however, starts with the spine. The spine is the foundation of the body's systems since all of the body's nerves travel through it. By assuring good transmission of nerve signals, the chiropractor removes some confounding variables from the equation.

Next, the chiropractor will move on to examining the entire arm for damage. The joints will be of particular interest. This allows for the treatment of any aggravating factors that may be causing the shoulder's position to change in unhealthy ways. Such changes can be the results of attempts, usually unconscious, to compensate for arm injuries. If this is found to be the case with your shoulder pain, the problem part will be treated as well.

Finally, the shoulder itself is addressed. If it is out of its proper position, it is first treated with chiropractic adjustment. This adjustment is applied to the shoulder itself rather than the spine. Then, exercises and other practices are prescribed. You may also be given instructions for treating the initial pain of your injury, such as to apply heat or cold to the shoulder. Other non-invasive treatments, like ultrasound or cold laser therapy, may be prescribed as well.

If your injury is the result of poor posture or working habits, you'll be given instructions on how to do things in ways that are easier on your body and your shoulder in particular. This will both speed healing and help to prevent further damage.

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