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The Role of Physiotherapy in Manhattan, KS

Physiotherapy is a treatment technique that involves using exercises to strengthen and stretch damaged areas of the body. It incorporates a wide range of techniques including stretches that patients do on their own, exercises that a chiropractor walks you through, and non-invasive pain management treatments such as ice and heat. Physiotherapy in Manhattan, KS, is one of the main ways to rehabilitate an injured body part.

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The Balance of Rest and Proper Use of Physiotherapy

After an injury or surgery, the body needs rest to heal. However, too much rest can actually be a bad thing. The body needs a carefully calibrated balance of rest and use in order to have the best possible end result. For certain injuries, resting the affected area without doing any other treatment may cause loss of range of motion. For other injuries, it may cause weakness or lack of flexibility. Following a proper rehabilitation program will help prevent many of these problems.

There is a broad range of techniques that fall under the umbrella of physiotherapy. For example, many physiotherapists use products like Kinesio Tape, which helps support an injured body part without immobilizing it. These supportive methods are great for areas that are weak due to injury or congenital malformation, while still allowing you to use and strengthen the affected body part.

How Physiotherapy Helps

Exercises that stretch and strengthen the body are used to help prevent loss of function during the healing process. There are all kinds of exercises that can be used on different types of injuries. Some of these exercises are extremely specific, aimed to target a single muscle in a given muscle group, for example. Our chiropractors have the necessary knowledge and skill to teach you how to do these targeted exercises when necessary.

Injuries are not the only thing that can be treated with physiotherapy, however. Certain conditions that cause loss of bodily function, such as cerebral palsy in children or strokes in adults, can also be treated with physiotherapy. In these cases, the exercises serve the dual purpose of strengthening the muscles and training the brain.

The Benefits of Adding Physiotherapy to Chiropractic Care

Physiotherapy can be the ideal complement to chiropractic care because it takes over where chiropractic leaves off. After an adjustment or other chiropractic treatment, physiotherapy can be used to strengthen the area so that the condition continues to improve rather than returning to the way that it was. It can also be used to prevent injuries when applied to posture and ergonomics. Better posture and proper form when going about your daily life, whether that is in the office or on the sports field, can reduce your risk of serious injury and help you avoid aggravating current ones.

Quality Care in Manhattan, KS, at Nichols Chiropractic

Our doctors at Nichols Chiropractic in Manhattan, KS, are here to help. Whether you need help rehabbing from surgery or assistance dealing with chronic pain, we can assist you through the use of modern technology in chiropractic care, acupuncture, and physiotherapy.

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