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Dr. Jarrod Nichols

"I was diagnosed with curvature of the spine (A.K.A. Scoliosis) in 1980.After months of seeing a specialist, I was told that since I was done growing the progression of the curves should slow down.He suggested I stay as physically active as possible, and I should only have to deal with minimal pain at the most.Unfortunately, after seeing this specialist I grew another 1½ inches, and of course my spine continued to curve along with my growth.The pain and discomfort continued to increase, and I had to see a Chiropractor at least twice a week.Over the next several years, I developed degenerative disc disease in my lower back, and the pain became more and more intense, greatly affecting my daily life.I did see other specialists; however, back surgery is something I considered only as a last resort.At this point I was having three to four Chiropractic treatments per week, so I decided to take a more proactive step in dealing with the problem.I first visited Dr. Nichols and Nichols Chiropractic in November of 2005.Initially, we discussed my history of back problems and also my goals for improving my quality of life.After my initial exam, Dr. Nichols developed a specific corrective care plan to meet my individual needs and goals.I went through three months of adjustments and traction that began in January of 2006.I am now pain free 95% of the time, and have Chiropractic treatments nearly once a month to ensure I stay that way.My admiration, gratitude and thankfulness to Dr. Nichols and his staff will be never ending."

-G.W.  Manhattan, KS 

"I'd been having headaches on and off for a couple of years. I'd seen my doctor and I'd been to physical therapy, but neither had helped much. The headaches increased in frequency and intensity until every couple of weeks I was incapacitated for a few days with the pain. During one such episode, on the fourth day of unrelenting, intense pain, I was crying and praying to God to make it stop.It seemed as if He said to go see a chiropractor. I thought I must be receiving the wrong message. I'd heard such horror stories about chiropractors who caused more pain than they healed. Finally, willing to do anything if the pain would just go away, I proceeded in my search.I saw the sign for Nichols Chiropractic almost every time I went out because I live close by. When I walked in the door, I didn't know what to expect. I was in so much pain I could barely see straight. What I found was an extremely friendly and helpful lady who assured me that not only would they have no problem seeing me right away, but that it was likely that my insurance would cover most of the cost. That was miracle number one. When I saw Dr. Nichols, my first thought was, "But, he's so young!" It only took a few minutes for my impression to change to "He's so nice!" He was very patient and kind as he took x-rays and listened to me describe what I had been dealing with. The very first day I walked away with a reduction in pain. That was miracle number two.As I returned for visits over the next few weeks, the thought that was uppermost in my mind wasn't Dr. Nichols' age or even how nice he was. It was simply a firm confidence in his ability as a Doctor of Chiropractic. He seemed to always know exactly where it hurt and exactly how to fix it. He didn't just do the routine adjustments and call it good. He evaluated my individual needs and proceeded accordingly. The thing that has been the most helpful to me is the traction that Nichols Chiropractic offers. It keeps me headache free and able to function. As a home-school mom and manager of our small family, it is important for me to be able to keep on the go. As I worked with Dr. Nichols, it amazed me how much chronic pain had been robbing me of time, energy, and just basic coping skills. I didn't realize how much the pain had been affecting me until it wasn't there anymore. Without the headaches and back aches dragging me down, I've been able to get more accomplished and to feel better at the end of the day than I have in literally years. That is miracle number three.I have found a precious jewel in Nichols Chiropractic. I tell all my friends about them, and I intend to be a loyal patient for a very long time. I thank the Lord for sending me in this direction."

-T.S.Manhattan, KS

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"I've gone to chiropractors for years.  I've gotten some relief, but they never corrected my straight neck.  I continued to have daily headaches that would begin at mid-morning and last the rest of the day.  I had limited neck mobility and constant pain on the right side of my neck.  I chose to visit Dr. Nichols because the treatments I had prior to Nichols Chiropractic did not restore the curve that was absent in my neck, which was creating my problems.  I no longer have daily headaches and my neck holds up better under stress and strain in my job.  My whole body just feels better."

-K.R.  Manhattan, KS

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"Back pain and leg pain initially brought me to Nichols Chiropractic.  My quality of life has changed dramatically since being under care with Dr. Nichols.  I feel better than I've felt for years and I can move without pain.  I would tell anyone who is considering care at Nichols Chiropractic that these are the best results I've ever had from a chiropractor!"

-J.W.  Manhattan, KS

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"Frequent episodes of neck pain initially brought me to Nichols Chiropractic.  Occasionally when I would lift my head or turn a certain way I would hear a pop and then experience significant pain for 1-2 weeks.  My quality of life has changed more than I could have imagined since being under care with Dr. Nichols.  Not only have these episodes of neck pain stopped but I have also noticed I no longer have headaches, I am able to turn my head to check my blind spots much easier, walking is much more enjoyable and I can now perform normal daily activities without pain.  I didn't realize how much constant pain I was in until I became pain-free.  I would encourage anyone who has pain or discomfort to contact Nichols Chiropractic and learn how they can help you fix the problem and improve your quality of life- you will thank yourself!"

-Z.C.  Student - Kansas State University - Manhattan, KS

"I suffered from chronic, intense neck pain for years.  My medical doctor diagnosed me with arthritis and prescribed pain pills and anti-inflammatory drugs which didn't offer me any relief.  After years of frustration and no relief I decided to try Nichols Chiropractic.  After taking X-rays Dr. Nichols discovered an abnormal curve in my neck.  After just a few short weeks of chiropractic adjustments and traction my neck is back to its correct position and I am completely pain free!  I would tell anyone who is considering care at Nichols Chiropractic that the staff is always nice and friendly and they are genuinely concerned with helping you improve the quality of your life."

-M.M.  Manhattan, KS

"Well, I should say Hi, because that's one of the only things I could say when I started seeing Dr. Nichols, see I was only 11 months old on my first visit.  Now I'm two and boy do I have a chiropractic story to tell.

I had ear infections over and over from the time I was 3 months old until I was 11 months old, my pediatrician told my parents that if I got one more ear infection I would need to be seen by an ear, nose and throat specialist.  That didn't sound like and fun to me or to my parents.  So, a family member had recommended I see a chiropractor and some good friends of my family had recommended Dr. Nichols.  And the rest is history!

My parents weren't sure about taking their baby to a chiropractor but Dr. Nichols offers free consultations, so we went to his office and my parents asked lots and lots and lots of questions.  Now, they were willing to give it a try.  So, Dr. Nichols rubbed my neck and my back and used this little handheld hammer looking thing with a trigger on my spine.  It didn't even hurt!  And the good news is after a whole year I've never had another ear infection!  I saw Dr. Nichols a few times on a regular schedule for a little while but now I just go in once every two months to make sure I stay really healthy!

You see Dr. Nichols didn't just help my ears, he helps my whole immune system, and believe it or not sometimes after I get adjustments I take better naps and sleep better at night.  It makes my parents really happy when I sleep great!  If I could talk more I would tell all of my baby and toddler friends that have ear infections to go and see Dr. Nichols too.  He's a really great guy, he's really gentle, the helpers at his office are really nice and they think babies are cute!  But, I have to leave the recommendations to my parents for now.  Sometimes when they tell people about my experience at Dr. Nichols people look at them funny like they just aren't sure, but we say it certainly can't hurt to give it a try!  You know what they say babies make grownups do funny things, now my mom and dad see Dr. Nichols too, and he's helping us all stay healthy!"

-R.W. Manhattan, KS

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"Right arm pain and daily headaches brought me to Nichols Chiropractic.  My quality of life has changed dramatically since I've been under care at Nichols Chiropractic.  My right arm felt better after only two visits and it has been so great to go through each day without a headache.  I didn't realize how much happier I would be without the constant, nagging headaches that had affected me for so long.  I would tell anyone who is suffering from headaches, arm pain or any other ache or pain to contact Nichols Chiropractic and find out what they can do for you.  Each and every person that works there is so nice and treats you like an individual.  Dr. Nichols is very knowledgeable yet personable and knows how to make you feel better with each and every visit."

-J.S. Manhattan, KS

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"Low back pain, hip pain and severe headaches initially brought me to Nichols Chiropractic.  Between the low back pain, hip pain and headaches I was unable to sleep for more than 2-4 hours at night.  I no longer have headaches and my back and hip pain has subsided.  My range of motion has increased dramatically and the ringing in my left ear is nearly gone completely. For the first time in 3 years I am able to get restful sleep.  I would tell anyone who is suffering from pain to go in and talk to the Doc. The staff at Nichols Chiropractic is very professional and caring.  Dr. Nichols shows a genuine concern for his patients.  Overall, this office gets my highest recommendation.  There is no doubt in my mind that Dr. Nichols has the knowledge and ability to positively impact ANYONE'S quality of life.

-M.B. Manhattan, KS

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"Headaches, neck pain, and upper back pain initially brought me to Nichols Chiropractic.  I was unable to focus on simple tasks due to the pain I had been experiencing for approximately 4-6 weeks.  Since beginning treatment at Nichols Chiropractic I no longer experience neck pain, upper back pain or headaches and I am able to focus when I am in school.  I would recommend Dr. Nichols to anyone who is looking to find solutions for headaches, neck pain and back pain. 

-A.N. Manhattan, KS

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"Loss of hearing in both ears for nearly 4 weeks initially brought me to Nichols Chiropractic. I was experiencing almost a total loss of hearing in my left ear and almost a 50% loss in my right ear. After antibiotics and steroid shots failed, my doctor referred me to a specialist who scheduled me for surgery to put tubes in my ears. I was referred to Nichols Chiropractic by my granddaughter Ruby and her mother who are both patients of Dr. Nichols. They convinced me to give chiropractic a try instead of going straight to surgery. I was extremely doubtful that chiropractic could cure my hearing loss but I am pleased to be proven wrong. I now have total hearing in both ears after only a few visits."

-K.D. Junction City, KS

"I came to Nichols Chiropractic seeking relief from excruciating neck and upper back pain. I literally could not turn my head side to side. When I walked into Dr. Nichols' office, I had never been to a chiropractor before. I did not know what to expect. Dr. Nichols was recommended to me and after a few quick adjustments my pain decreased and my mobility improved dramatically. It is amazing what chiropractic care can do to reduce pain and improve mobility. I highly recommend Dr. Nichols and his team."

-C.R. Manhattan, KS

"I experienced a 95% improvement in my low back pain after the first adjustment. I would recommend Nichols Chiropractic to anyone looking for low back pain relief."

-M.O. Manhattan, KS

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"I'm very fortunate that Dr. Roop has been able to take care of all my Chiropractic needs.He has great touch and an overall perspective on how the body works, which is beneficial for any athlete.His overall knowledge and commitment to helping individuals reach their fullest potential is hard to find anywhere.Seeing Dr. Roop on a regular basis has made a huge impact on my training and recovery.He is dedicated to what he does and has the ambition to never stop learning.I can't thank him enough."

-Tom Pappas   3-time Olympian, 2-time World Champion, 6-time US National Champion: Track and Field: Decathlon


"Hi, my name is Mike Carlson and I'm a professional golf long driver with the Long Drivers of America.  My back is continually pushed to the limits.  I competed at the ReMax World Long Drive Competition this year in Mesquite, NV for a first place prize of $250,000.  Although, I didn't come home with the trophy I was still so happy to even be competing against the best in the world considering the condition of my lower back.  I've had terrible low back problems for years and it wasn't until I checked into ARC that I finally felt relief.  Besides being quickly remedied for my low back, Dr. Roop has become a great friend and great athletic fitness mentor.  He's an intelligent, standup guy who actually cares.  You know what I mean?... he cares!  He's not just there to make a living, Dr. Roop really wants to help.  He makes time for you and works around your schedule.  He gets to know you and your pain on a personal level, continually and genuinely trying to remedy the problem.  On days when my pain level is at an 8 out of 10, this guy is my hero!  Not kidding!  Thanks Dr. Roop!!!"

-Mike Carlson   Professional Golf Long Driver

Dr. Roop is a very fine chiropractor.I've had 8-10 chiropractors in my lifetime since a deadlifting injury in the early 1990s, and Dr. Roop is the top one or two.The day I walked into his office, my legs were moving in one direction and my torso in another!! In chiropractic language, I had a severe "antalgic lean".Dr. Roop took one look at me, and I could see that he was impressed with my unfortunate appearance.First, I noticed Dr. Roop doesn't overestimate what he can do for a client.This is very important as some chiropractors I've been to sometimes make promises they can't keep.Second, Dr. Roop takes a lot of time with his clients.I used to see chiropractors who only took 15 minutes or less with their clients, treating me like a slab of meat.

Dr. Roop uses multiple approaches, from flexion-distraction to electric muscle stim in addition to traditional techniques.In other words, he attacks problem areas with a variety of measures that are successful.Within a matter of a few weeks, I no longer was "walking funny", and I started going on long walks.Today with the help of Dr. Roop, I'm running and walking 9-12 miles a week in addition to getting back in the weight room; this had helped me with weight loss as well.Third, the cost is very reasonable, and he lets the client decide when they want to have more treatments.I wholeheartedly recommend Roop Chiropractic to anyone who is in pain right now or just wants to improve the quality of their life.Like we've hear many times before, if we don't take time for health, then we will have to make time for sickness.

-S.C. Manhattan, KSPh.D. Candidate KSU

Dr. Roop has been a tremendous help in my total body health.I am the kind of person that waits until the last moment to call for an appointment and Dr. Roop and the staff at Nichols Chiropractic have always been helpful to get me an appointment.

Once I'm there, Dr. Roop takes the time to find out exactly where my pain is located and adjusts me accordingly.He doesn't just go through the motions.Each appointment is specific to my needs.

-B.B. Manhattan, KS

Thanks again for the shoulder work and helping Haley (daughter/dancer) with her plantar fasciitis. Today I was playing in a district golf match and shot an 82 - my lowest ever. I have been telling everyone what a great job you are doing for me! Thanks again."

Aimee Avid Golfer and Small Business Owner

"You're amazing. I can't believe how much better my shoulder and lower back feel already. It's a little strange not feeling the pains that I've gotten so used to feeling. Thank you for everything."

Amateur Rugby Player and Small Business Owner

I sought care with Dr. Roop after battling right shoulder, arm and hand pain for close to a year.Being in the dental profession makes for long hours of postures that are not back and shoulder friendly and at times the pain would almost bring me to tears and would definitely cause met to stop patient treatment to allow for a break from the discomfort.I tried multiple appointments with a massage therapist that resulted in relief lasting only until the appointment was over.

I knew of Dr. Roop and ART but thought it was reserved for athletes, which as a 32 year old I am most certainly not!Upon discussion with Dr. Nichols and Dr. Roop I was made aware ART is designed for patients of all ages and activity levels.With that, I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Roop.Even after the first appointment I was experiencing relief that lasted much longer than an hour.Dr. Roop was very patient in explaining the causes of my pain and what his treatment consisted of.He was also very gentle and encouraging during the treatments which were sometimes uncomfortable but always effective.The multiple treatments I've had, coupled with the home exercises he recommended, have made a world of difference!I can work multiple days in a row at my job without pain when before it was only a few minutes per day that were pain-free.

I give Dr. Roop my highest recommendation!I will continue to share my great experience with Dr. Roop, ART and the Nichols Chiropractic staff with my friends, family and those of you who might be reading this testimony.

S.A. Dentist

My son was diagnosed with his first ear infection at the age of 10 months. For 8 months after, it seemed like we were in the Dr's office every 2-4 weeks with another infection. They would clear up and come right back. His speech was fine. Or so it seemed. He underwent surgery for his first set of tubes in April of last year.

By December of the same year, the tubes had fallen out and he had yet another ear infection. At this time, I was also noticing his balance was more off than his peers. He was falling into everything and I was fearful for his safety all the time. It was at this point I started listening to that "Motherly instinct" and researching other options. I was referred by a friend to Dr. Nichols office and thought "What could it hurt?". After the very first visit, my now 2 and a half year old son was saying things like "Wow Mom! The TV is LOUD!" (It was the same volume it's been since he was born.) And "Mom! Did you hear that fire truck? It's so loud!" He would never said things like this before!! It was amazing to listen to him talk about the things he was hearing! After 3 visits, I noticed his balance was drastically improving as well! He wasn't falling at all anymore. His teachers and grandparents were even commenting on the difference in his abilities to hear and balance better! And at his 2 1/2 year checkup he did not have ANY fluid on his ears AT ALL!!! This was the first time since he was 10 months old!

My son LOVES Dr. Nichols and is excited to see him.

Dr. Nichols takes such pride in his patients and really spends time getting to know them. I was very impressed with his staff as well. They greeted us by name after only a couple visits. You don't get that at just any doctor's office. If you are a parent in need of answers for your child and are thinking "there has to be a better, less invasive way than surgery"; I encourage you to meet with Dr. Nichols. You won't regret it!

K.T.  Manhattan

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