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Babesia Disease

Babesia is a small parasite that gets into your system and attacks and infects your red blood cells. In most cases, this parasitic infection, also known as Babesiois, is transmitted through a tick bite. In many people, Babesiosis is a condition that occurs along with the more commonly known condition, Lyme disease. In most cases, the tick that is carrying Lyme bacteria is also infected with the Babesia parasite.

Treatment Options for Babesia Disease

If you have been diagnosed with Babesia disease or with Lyme disease, you may wonder what treatment options are available. When you come to see our chiropractors in Manhattan, KS at Nichols Chiropractic, our functional medicine solutions can provide the treatment and symptom relief you that need.

Treatment Options for Babesia Disease

While there are medications that are given to treat this condition, it’s also crucial to treat the nervous system, specifically the autonomic nervous system. Our chiropractors in Manhattan, KS will use instrument-based chiropractic care, myofascial release, and cranial work to allow the nervous system to begin functioning at its fullest. If you don’t have a healthy nervous system that’s functioning at its full potential, then you are never going to be able to fully overcome the effects of this condition.

Our chiropractors may offer functional medicine to go along with your chiropractic treatments. They can give you the right strategies to begin your healing process, such as providing nutritional counseling, controlling your stress with chiropractic care, and offering lifestyle advice to make your day better.

Don’t Wait to Seek Treatment

There are many people who contract this condition and continue living with it months or even years with no or minimal symptoms. This is extremely dangerous, which is why it is so important to seek proper treatment as soon as an issue is noticed. This is the only way to help eradicate the symptoms and overcome the disease. Don’t overlook the benefits offered by chiropractic care, our team can help you overcome this condition and begin living life to the fullest once again.

Contact Us to Learn More

If you are interested in learning more about Babesia disease, then be sure to call our friendly and professional chiropractors in Manhattan, KS. Our chiropractic team is here to help answer any questions you may have about this process and will ensure you get the results desired. Don’t wait to contact us for an appointment, call Nichols Chiropractic at (785) 537-2211. The longer you wait, the longer the condition has to fester in your system, potentially causing more issues and being even more difficult to treat down the road.  

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