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Herniated Disc

Herniated discs are debilitating conditions that cause immense pain and limit your range of motion. Whether your herniated disc occurred due to overuse or a traumatic injury, chiropractic care from Nichols Chiropractic in Manhattan, KS, can help. Our holistic and non-invasive chiropractic care can alleviate your pain and help you move like you used to. Learn more about herniated discs and how we treat them below.


How Do You Develop a Herniated Disc?

A herniated disc can develop for a variety of reasons. Improper lifting techniques and overuse frequently result in herniated discs. Trying to lift weights without appropriate stretching beforehand can place stress on your back and spine. This stress may lead to your spinal discs rupturing, causing pain and limited mobility. Obesity and smoking also increase your risk of developing herniated discs.

Another frequent cause of herniated discs is car accidents. Impacts from auto accidents often cause discs to herniate. You may also experience herniated discs due to damage that accumulates over time. Natural wear and tear on your spinal discs can cause the exterior to weaken, leading to cracks that result in the nucleus spilling onto spinal nerves.

Chiropractic Treatment for Herniated Discs

Herniated discs often lead to back pain, muscle weakness, and reduced flexibility. Fortunately, your chiropractor near you can alleviate this condition with safe and effective chiropractic care. Our chiropractors will conduct a physical evaluation to assess your health and range of motion. We will then devise a customized back pain treatment plan to help you feel and move like you used to.

The primary treatment for herniated discs is spinal adjustment. Our chiropractors will realign your spine and vertebrae to correct misalignments causing pain and limited mobility. Doing this helps relieve pressure on your spinal nerves while returning your discs to their proper placement. Our chiropractors might include cold laser therapy and physiotherapy in your back pain treatment plan. These therapies help repair soft tissue damage caused by your herniated disc to promote natural healing. These also strengthen your back muscles to prevent future pain or injury.

Treat Your Herniated Disc Today by Visiting Nichols Chiropractic

Herniated discs can significantly impact your day-to-day life if left untreated, so contact Nichols Chiropractic in Manhattan, KS, to treat your herniated disc with holistic and non-invasive care. Our chiropractors will tailor your treatment to your specific needs and preferences, so call us and schedule a consultation today at (785) 537-2211 to feel like yourself again.

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