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Neck Pain

Nichols Chiropractic Treats Neck Pain

Neck pain has become an increasing problem in today’s world. Long hours sitting in front of a computer screen or bent over a smartphone, sprains, and injuries often result in chronic pain, stiffness, and poor flexibility. Chiropractic care restores normal comfort and function. At Nichols Chiropractic in Manhattan KS, our chiropractors use a variety of techniques to resolve common neck pain issues.


The Causes of Neck Pain

You can develop pain from doing work activities that involve moving your head from side to side repeatedly. Neck injuries can occur during athletic activities, from an impact or sudden movement. Holding your head in the same position for hours at a time while working on a computer can cause damage to the neck structures.

Arthritis in the upper spine or a compressed nerve can also cause neck discomfort. Neck pain can be a result of an auto accident injury, in which the body is jolted in various directions suddenly during the impact. This can stretch and damage the neck structures resulting in whiplash.

The Symptoms of Neck Dysfunctions

Neck dysfunctions can manifest in several ways. Sometimes, it is simple pain with movement, stiffness, or a lack of normal range of motion. In other cases, it may contribute to upper back pain and headaches. You may not be able to turn your head to the side normally or experience pain when trying to turn. The pain may radiate into the back or the shoulders.

Neck Pain Treatment

Chiropractic care offers several methods to treat neck pain that are drug-free and non-invasive. The chiropractor will administer a manual adjustment of the spine, to ensure that the upper vertebrae are properly positioned for maximum function. Corrective exercises can help to strengthen the muscles that support the neck and head, allowing for more efficient movement. Massage therapy relieves discomfort and brings healing nutrients to the neck region. Soft tissue techniques reduce and facilitate movement. We will create an individualized treatment plan that’s right for you providing pain relief and supporting the recovery process.

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Our chiropractors at Nichols Chiropractic use a variety of techniques to help our patients find relief from their discomfort and better function. We treat an array of conditions including whiplash, herniated discs, sciatica, arthritis, low back pain, migraines, and other health issues. Call our team at Nichols Chiropractic today at (785) 537-2211 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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