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Hormone Imbalance

Chiropractic Care for Hormone Imbalances in Manhattan, KS

The human body isn't just an extraordinary mechanical structure and internal communications network -- it's also an amazingly complex chemical lab, creating a huge number of different compounds, including hormones. But when the instructions for making those hormones don't go through, serious imbalances can affect your quality of life. If you're struggling with the effects of a hormone imbalance, rest assured that supplemental hormone therapy isn't the only answer. Here at Nichols Chiropractic in Manhattan, KS, we can help normalize such imbalances through chiropractic treatment.

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How a Hormone Imbalance Can Impact Your Health

Hormones are the chemicals that tell your body what to do and when to do it. These "messengers," manufactured by the body's endocrine glands, trigger organs and other systems into action and help them regulate their ongoing processes. Different hormones regulate your metabolism, signal hunger (or fullness), drive sexual function, control mood, set sleep schedules, and govern physical growth and development. When you have a hormone imbalance you can experience all kinds of problems and discomforts, including:

  • Infertility or loss of sex drive
  • Digestive complaints
  • Abnormal weight gain or weight loss
  • Insomnia
  • Cognitive problems
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Fluid retention
  • Hair loss

Some hormonal changes, such as those that occur in puberty, pregnancy or menopause, are considered normal. But a hormone imbalance can also be a sign of an underperforming or overactive endocrine gland. These glands, in turn, may be receiving incomplete or faulty nerve signals that cause them to malfunction. Poor nutrition, food allergies, and other issues can also affect hormone balances.

Natural Corrections From Our Chiropractor in Manhattan KS

Instead of pumping hormone supplements into your bloodstream, why not address the underlying issues that contributed to your hormonal imbalance in the first place? Our chiropractor in Manhattan KS can perform a careful evaluation to confirm a hormone imbalance and locate any spinal alignment issues that might be interfering with your nerve function. By correcting these errors through chiropractic adjustment, we can help your brain communicate with your endocrine glands more efficiently, allowing the glands to do their job better. For our pregnant patients, prenatal chiropractic care can ease some of the discomforts caused by gestational hormone imbalances.

Our ability to treat such imbalances isn't limited to chiropractic adjustment. We can also provide food sensitivity testing to determine whether something in your diet is producing or aggravating a hormonal imbalance.

Call Nichols Chiropractic to Get the Help You Need

Whether you've already received a diagnosis of a hormone imbalance of you suspect that you may have such an imbalance, Nichols Chiropractic can help you restore balance to your body. Call (785) 537-2211 for a consultation!

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