Choosing A Chiropractor

Choosing a Manhattan, KS Chiropractor

Choosing a chiropractor is a very personal decision and one that affects both your immediate and long-term wellness. Whether you are new to the Manhattan, Kansas area or simply trying chiropractic out for the first time, there are many factors to consider when selecting a provider. From treatment options and technology to supplementary therapies and general likability, it is important that you choose a chiropractor who puts patient wellness and relationship at the forefront of his or her practice.

Wellness must be the foundation of chiropractic and the ultimate goal of treatment. Initially, the chiropractor you choose should focus on isolating injuries, eliminating pain and facilitating a thorough and natural healing process. This should be followed by a wellness-driven plan for preventive care that establishes the groundwork for long-term health. All issues should be addressed from the inside out, using a treatment regimen that is unique and personalized – not a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Treatment should target the underlying source of pain or dysfunction, enabling the body to heal on as naturally as possible.

Furthermore, your chiropractor should understand that health is more than disease-free living. A healthy body is one that is maintained in ideal alignment, making it stronger, more energized, and resistant to injury. A good chiropractor will not only recommend regular adjustments, but will also educate you on the importance of incorporating wellness care into day-to-day life.

Building a Trusting Relationship with Your Chiropractor

Personal interactions and bedside manner are an important part of building long-lasting, trusting relationships with providers. It is important to choose a chiropractor who values meeting with each individual patient, taking time to listen to questions and educate patients on at-home techniques and lifestyle changes that may facilitate a healthier body and a better response to treatments. Patients should feel safe and important when talking with a chiropractor, never leaving confused or unheard.

A quality chiropractor will also work together with fellow staff members and other providers for the greater good of the patient. It also means remaining open minded and proactive about techniques like Active Release Therapy, iTrac Therapy and the Webster Technique, which all provide specific benefits to patients who meet certain criteria.

Finally, choose a chiropractor who you feel comfortable talking with openly and honestly about your lifestyle. Since chiropractic treats the whole body and not just the symptoms, your chiropractor should be equally concerned with your posture, eating habits and stress levels as he or she is with your pain or discomfort.

If you live in or around the Manhattan, Kansas area and are trying to choose a chiropractor, we invite you to contact our office to schedule a consultation and find out more about our providers. At Nichols Chiropractic, patients always come first.

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