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Back Pain Manhattan Ks

Manhattan Back Pain and Sciatica Sufferers Find Relief at Nichols Chiropractic

sciatica_manhattan.jpgThere are many different types of back pain and many different causes for it. From the upper back to the lower back, from car accident injury to sports injury, backaches can stem from misaligned vertebrae pinching nerves, soft tissue injuries, or both. Sciatica is one particularly painful and debilitating type of back pain that starts in the lower back and shoots down through the behind and into the legs. 

Lower back pain is a classic symptom indicating a pinched nerve—the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the longest one in the body and controls muscles in the lower leg, the back of the thigh and knee, as well as the soles of the feet. If you experience weakness, pain, tingling and numbness in the leg that makes it difficult to walk or move, call our Manhattan chiropractor for an appointment. We can address the causes behind the pain for lasting relief and provide treatment for long-term relief.

Manhattan Chiropractor Spinal Alignments Help Relieve Sciatica and Back Pain

The lower back and leg pain known as sciatica is not actually a condition, but an indication that something is pinching the sciatic nerve. The most common causes are a slipped or damaged disc, spinal stenosis (a narrowing of the space through which the spinal cord travels inside the spine), and piriformis syndrome (inflammation of the piriformis muscle in the buttocks near the hip joint). Aging, injury and poor movement and posture habits may all be culprits for this kind of leg and lower back pain. The first step for our Manhattan chiropractor is to find out what is pinching your sciatic nerve so that we can develop a comprehensive pain management and recovery plan to address those root causes so that the pain will subside naturally and you can get back to regular activities.

In order to address spinal misalignments and disc problems, we start with a course of gentle, precise spinal adjustments. Our doctors have training and experience working with several different types of chiropractic care methods so that each patient’s treatment path can be customized to their individual needs. Realigning vertebrae can relive pressure on the sciatic nerve. Traction therapy can also help remove pressure from injured discs that may be pinching the nerve.

Because the spine is supported by a vast network of muscles, ligaments and tendons, soft tissue therapies are also important in an overall treatment plan to relieve a pinched sciatic nerve. Treatment with our chiropractor may include Active Release Technique (ART) to help relieve strained, knotted scar-tissue-ridden soft tissues that inhibit normal muscle function. ART combines specific massage therapy techniques along with patient movement so that the chiropractor can assess and massage specific areas. This can break up adhesions, scar tissue and reduce inflammation and musculoskeletal tensions, all of which can help relieve pressure on the nerve.

Our multi-faceted approach to chiropractic care for sciatic nerve pain management has helped hundreds of patients walk, move and live again without discomfort. Call us today at 785-537-2211 to schedule an appointment!

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